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About I.D. Types
Code 39 – Uses Alphanumeric characters such as 0-9, A-Z. However, the alphabetic characters must be upper case only. Code 39 can also include seven special characters: $ % / . – + space. It has a variable length and variable ratio of 2:1 to 3:1, with 10X quiet zones required.

Code 128 – Alphanumeric characters are used with variable length and four different element widths that do not require ratios. It features 128 encodable characters and three subsets.

· Subset A: Uppercase and alphas, 0-9, several special characters including American Standard Code for Information Interchange (ASCII) control characters.
· Subset B: Uppercase and lowercase alphas, 0-9, several special characters.
· Subset C: Double-density numeric only. All two-character combinations from 00-99.


Heading Color:

Custom text 28 characters max.


Minimum order 300 pieces.


The Preview is for representation only. Actual colors and font styles may vary from what is displayed.

Why do You Need Asset Tags?

Asset tags are an incredibly valuable resource for entities with physical assets that must be inventoried, monitored and tracked. With asset tags, the burden of physical record-keeping is drastically reduced, leaving less room for human error and vastly improving the accuracy of your documentation.

    • Physical asset monitoring. Track your company’s physical assets and resources with ease.
    • Automate inventory control. Combined with an asset tracking software application, asset ID labels streamline the otherwise stressful task of inventory management. With every scan, your records are up-to-date and accurate—pull up inventory status, plan re-orders and schedule deliveries with a few clicks.
    • Precise maintenance management. Many organizations rely on physical assets to perform services. Automate your maintenance management control processes and maintain accurate records on repairs, replacement scheduling and standard maintenance and calibration.
    • Loss prevention. Asset tags are extremely useful for deterring theft. Camcode’s Tamper-Evident Polyester Labels, for instance, can quickly alert inventory control managers of attempts at theft and unauthorized transfers.

    Common Uses for Asset Tags

    Asset tags and asset tracking systems serve a single basic purpose: to keep tabs on your company’s valuable property, inventory and supplies. Many industries have unique needs which can be adequately met using asset identification tags.

    • Healthcare: Precise control over medical equipment, supplies, medications and other physical assets is essential to day-to-day operations in a healthcare provider’s office or facility. Using products like Camcode’s Two-Part Asset Labels, medical staff can easily track the use of assets, document specific assets and medications used for a single patient and re-order essential supplies with ease. 
    • Education: Educational institutions have a wide variety of assets which must be tracked and managed. A/V equipment, for example, can be easily tracked, assigned and controlled using asset tracking labels.
    • Government: Government entities use asset tags for everything from monitoring office equipment to maintaining a database of external assets, such as street signs, for regular repair, maintenance and future planning.
    • Warehouse: Inventory control is the driving force behind the warehouse industry. Eliminate excess stock, streamline ordering and deliveries and improve your bottom line with asset tracking.
    • Defense: The Department of Defense has stringent standards for tracking its assets and durability requirements to ensure that physical assets can be identified even when exposed to hazardous conditions. Camcode’s UID labels meet all of these requirements.
    • Oil and Gas: Oil and gas industries operate 24/7 and rely heavily on machinery and equipment to get the job done. Asset tags enable the tracking and scheduling of maintenance to ensure these essentials are running smoothly.
    • Utility: Utility assets are generally exposed to harsh weather conditions, chemicals and other materials capable of wreaking havoc on stress-resistant labels. But Camcode’s Metalphoto bar code labels have been tested to withstand these conditions, maintaining readability even after exposure to the worst external elements.
    • Telecom and Cable: The telecom and cable industries have a widespread set of external assets they’re accountable for keeping in good working order. Asset identification tags help telecom and cable companies improve efficiency in response to outages and other issues and enable proper maintenance tracking, easy part re-ordering and replacement, and improved overall functioning.
    • Manufacturing: Much like the utility industry, manufacturers have the challenge of tracking assets after exposure to harsh conditions. Camcode’s bar code solutions for manufacturing have been proven to last through both the manufacturing process, as well as remain functional for the life of the product.

    Learn more about our industry-specific asset tags and durable barcode solutions.


    A minimum order of asset tags or asset identification labels can cost as little as $300 to $399. Higher-volume orders reduce the per-unit cost to as low as $0.25 to $0.50 each for an order of several thousand. Exact prices depend on the material construction, size and quantity.

    Getting a price list and samples of our asset tracking solutions is easy, just ask us to send you samples.

    Last Updated: 3/2/2016

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